Dec. 4th–5th in Downtown Las Vegas (Directions via Google Maps)

IFX2019: Redefining Disruption

In a world where “the Innovator’s Dilemma” too often tempts us to play it safe, IFX embraces the radical, rebellious spirit that first gave rise to disruptive technology, and provides a platform for true innovation to take center stage.

Calling all code junkies, infrastructure innovators, wireless gurus and hardware geeks.

This year, we doubled down on the idea of creating a calm, cool, creative environment where the multiple ecosystems that populate our world can collide in the best way possible. Code junkies, cloud-compute innovators, open-source supporters, builders, automation geeks, the corporate and the curious – all have a place at IFX2019. Set in the hip, retro vibe of Downtown Las Vegas, IFX will occur in tandem with AWS re:invent, offering techies already in town an inspiring, inviting oasis far from the crowded Strip.

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  • Jacob Smith CMO, Co-founder of Packet

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